Portfolio Entry 4

The project here was basically a small story from the life of a Serf in the Middle Ages in Europe. Just a basic letter type of thing about daily life of a serf. This was a history project and involved two other people excluding myself. We all made a group effort to edit and write the short narrative. The project took about 2-4 days to finish in full from rough draft to final copy. The project’s goals were to show how bad the serfs had it during the Middle Ages.

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Portfolio Entry 3

Class: Science

The assignment was about finding the properties of Steel and Aluminum. I talked about the physical and chemically similarities of the two, as well as their other differences. We did this project as an intro to chemistry, and this was an individual project. The project’s goals was to find the similarities between Steel and Aluminum.

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Intro to HTML and CSS

HTML is the basic programing code for websites and other various things on a computer, and is one of the easiest to learn. Some examples of the code is; <p> (which starts a paragraph or wording), <br> (which breaks the paragraph, basically like an enter key.), <strong> (which creates bold text within the writing), <ol> (open list), <li> (start list), <img src=” “> (which inserts an image, you can also use length=” ” and width=” ” tags within that to change the size of the picture.), <head> (which inserts a heading)

CSS is basically the coding used within HTML to give colour to text, backgrounds, and different parts of a webpage. A bit of code that I learned about is the ids tag, which goes inside the <p> tag. It looks like <p class=”(name)”>. Basically what it does is that it allows you to colour certain text that is selected. For example, <p class=”test1″>, when you put .test1 {color:rgb(0, 42, 209);} in the body tag, it’ll turn the text within the paragraph “test1” a dark blue colour. The next code I learned about was “body {background-color:rgb(“”, “”, “”);}” which will turn the background of the page a colour of your choosing.

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Travel Website

A Picture Perfect Trip

Key Events Assignment

For this assignment we had to create a webpage on a person or company that was important to computer history. For this assignment my partner and I had John Vincent Atanasoff. John Vincent Atanasoff was an inventor who expanded on calculators because they were so hard to use at the time.

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Three other events I learned about; Alan Turning, Nintendo, and Ada Lovelace

Assignment 8 – Google Survey

In class we were able to create a survey using google, I made mine on European countries. So far the countries have been: Norway, Norwai, Romania, Italy, Yugoslavia, and Austria. Thankfully, most people know that most European countries are currently democratic. Most people got a score of 30 or less. Apparently Austria is the most popular country, followed in a close second with Norway. Most people have answered German as the most popular language in Europe, (as of 2012, which is correct. Most people answered that they liked the survey.

All current responses:

cuz i didnt want u to feel badz
I don’t know
its cool i think
Why not
potato blue purple
i liked it because i like things
Because it was well put together and well organized
because make american grapes again

Portfolio Item 2. – Denmark History

The point of the project was to research an assigned country’s history and modern things about the said country.

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I was assigned the GLORIOUS country of The North— I MEAN— Denmark. As a nordic I love the country and other nordic countries. (Greenland get your flag together…pls)




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Portfolio Item 1. – Create your own Organism

This assignment is from last year due to the fact I have not done many things that I can present at this moment.

In this assignment, the purpose was to make your own organism and explain why it is a living thing that follows the 6 essentials of living things.


Growth And Development

Acheronians age very rapidly in the first four years of their life, reaching maturity by the age of six. After these six years they are normally around the height of a yellow lab on its hind legs, and growing to around the height of 7’3” when standing up. The females are normally slimmer and quicker minded, making them normally the leaders for the pack.

Response to Surroundings

Acheronians’ responses can vary, a male acheronian is usually the hunting type, and its reflexes are very fast. While an untrained male acheronian is usually the builder type, reacting quickly to situations that could physically endanger the pack, such as a cave in or flood. Female Acheronians are very similar in responses, just they’re stronger than the males when trained. Female Acheronians are naturally faster than the males. If the pack is entirely one gender, a selected few will change their gender to cope. If the area a pack is in is in a drought of some sort, they would eat plants with more water than normal. If there is a flood, they will look for the highest peak they can reach. Acheronians are normally the top predator in areas where there is a lot of animals, though other predators will fight them for dominance.

Energy Use

The acheronians are heterotrophs, they can’t make their own food. The way acheronians get their energy from the things they eat, they can either eat meat or plants, depending on the area. If an area has a lot of animals and little plants, they will hunt and eat the animals. If an area has a lot of plants and little animals, they will eat the plants. A lot of their energy goes into fueling their bodies needs, since their so big they are easy to wear out, they have to eat giant meals just to fuel themselves enough to last another few days, their metabolisms are relatively slow, but they have an organ that the food goes through to boost the energy output, though this revolves around the situation, in a flood or natural disaster, they digest food faster, due to their increased heart rate. In a normal situation such as a fight, they will still produce the normal amount of energy, and try to get the fight over as quickly as possible due to this loss of energy.

Cell Organization

The brain cells are found from under their thick skulls and down their spines, the number of brain cells changes depending on the gender, females have more than the males. They have around 14,000,000 skin cells.


Acheronians reproduce sexually, though both genders can house a child. Though, if the child’s parents are the same gender, there is a higher chance of the child being that gender at birth.

Chemicals of Life

Acheronians have the same compounds as all other things. Water, proteins, carbohydrates, lipids, and nucleic acids.


I chose the name of “Acheronians” due to my fascination with space, “Acheron” is the name of a crater on Mars, as well as other variants relating to a Greek God of Pain. Acheron is also the name of a river in Greece; which I suspect is named after the God.

Assignment 4 – The Debate – Cellphone use in Schools

Cell Phone use in schools. There’s pros and cons to them. One advantage to cellphone use in schools is the ability to stay in contact with parents in case of emergency, family issue, or simply to change plans. Another advantage is the ability to use resources such as the calculator app (on the IPhones, I am unsure if any other phone providers have something similar.) during classes like mathematics, or algebra. Another pro is it allows the student(s) to get help in case of an emergency, such as if a student has an allergic reaction and their throat swells up. The student probably wouldn’t be able speak, but if their eyes aren’t swelled they could still type, and text their parents or another student to get them help. A great thing about phones is, guess what? You can turn them off, and or put them on something called Vibrate mode. There can be rules in place so they are only allowed to be on in certain places and times during the day.

While the pros seem great, there’s cons to this as well. A con is the misuse of the phones for personal use. Such as violating a school’s acceptable use policy, the policy on how to use technology at school. Another issue with phone use in school is unlawful recording of other students in the school-place. Cell Phones can also cause distractions when not being used for educational purposes or in free time, which would cause students’ performances’ to go down more then it already is due to other distractions. There are other cons but I feel some of them are biased in some way.

My opinion? I feel cellphones could be allowed, but I’m fine if they aren’t. Either way I’d be fine. Though I do lean more towards them being allowed. Mostly because I feel I am mature enough to know when is the time and place to take out a phone.


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